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7-Year Real Estate Insider Fund


7-Year Real Estate Insider Fund: Enjoy real estate’s many profit centers totally hands-off. We call it The Agility Fund because it helps avoid taxes using real estate tax incentives to reduce taxable income.


Your money is put to work and your investment is secured by real property and managed by experienced professionals with a successful record.

With as little as $50,000, you can enjoy the tax benefits of real estate through an investment that is totally hands-off.

Your money is inside the fund until the fund end date. The end date can be pushed up in honor of achieving the most opportune conditions for investors. You receive quarterly disbursement payments.

Preferred returns means you get paid first, before anyone else.

Fund Details

Minimum Investment


Increments of


Interest Earned







3-7 years

Underlying Assets

Real Estate

Projected End Date

Open, Continuous

Passthrough Tax-Benefits

Depreciation, bonus depreciation

Investor Type

Private, LLC, Retirement Account

Accreditation Requirement

Accredited investors only