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Hartstown Village / Cottonwood


Hartstown Village – Mentor, Ohio: One short mile to Mentor Avenue and its abundance of shops and restaurants, we find a classic B-Class apartment complex. Freedom Family Investments is actively raising the funds for this real estate syndication. The apartment complex was acquired early 2023 at an attractive discount, allowing FFI to add value to the buildings and increase operating income with improved business operations. With plans to increase the profitability and performance of the asset, attractive returns are projected for investors.  


This project is already underway and ahead of schedule. This project is blessed with a huge value add opportunity. There is no downtime beginning to earn interest, interest begins to be paid after the first year, but your money is accruing interest the whole time (read investor documents).

80% bonus depreciation is a benefit provided by the government which allows for a tax-write off.

This raise is almost complete: only about $750,000 space is remaining (less than 20 slots).

For investors who prefer to remain totally hands-off throughout the life of the investment, syndications are a brilliant investment model.

Your money is put to productive use to create value, and as a passive investor, you collect disbursements without the extra work of managing the investment.

This investment is run by professional managers through Freedom Family Investments, leveraging the Freedom Family of Companies to achieve efficiencies and benefit from decades of collective experience improving real estate assets' performance.

Preferred returns for investors mean that as architects of the deal, FFI doesn't get paid until all the members of the syndication have been paid.

For most investors, pass-through tax benefits such as real estate's famous depreciation expense are available for investors to reduce their own taxable income (investing through certain IRA structures may hinder this write-off).

The duration of the deal is projected at 7 years, but it could be shorter, the Manager will aim to choose the most advantageous timing for the exit, to the investors greatest benefit.

New to syndications? Here is a brief summary of how a syndication works:

  • Investors collectively buy a large property
  • Managers improve the performance of the asset by increasing profitability during an improvement-phase
  • Syndications hold the property for a certain period of time, operating profitably during a hold-phase
  • Investors enjoy passive income in the form of direct deposits during the hold-phase (10-12% interest per year)
  • Managers aim to exit the deal by selling the property under favorable market conditions
    • The eventual sale of the property results in a profit for the investor-collective (Syndication) which is re-distributed to the investors in the agreed-upon proportions

Risk Disclosure

No venture on Earth is without risk. This investment is not except from the laws of nature, it is possible that invested capital is lost due to events outside of the control of Freedom Family Investments. Without this understanding, investors cannot qualify to invest alongside FFI and our investors.

Risk Management

Freedom Family Investments and its owners, Flip and Dani Lynn Robison live by the policy of protecting their investors’ returns by prioritizing the investor returns over private profit margins. In the rare past instances of loss, loss was absorbed by FFI and the investors were always paid as planned.

Syndication Details

Minimum Investment


Increments of


Type of Deal



Mentor, Ohio

Property Type

Residential Apartment Complex

Return Via Tax Benefits

30% Projected

Passthrough Tax-Benefits


Interest Paid to Investors


Investor Type

Private, LLC, Retirement Account

Accreditation Requirement

Accredited Investors Only

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