Get Real: Understand Real Estate Investing Before It’s Too Late (Download)


This is the downloadable version of Flip and Dani Lynn’s book, Get Real. A hardcopy is also available.



You’ve worked hard for your money. You’re likely working harder than ever. Your money should be doing the same.
Most high-net-worth individuals have incredible focus for their trained profession, but they are not trained investors. 

Without the right investing education, uncertainty and risk increase, sidelining most highly-paid professionals—and yes, stocks and 401ks are the sidelines. 

Step into the arena with real estate investing, you can get educated and follow proven real estate business models with Flip and Dani Lynn Robison.

Get Real: Understand Real Estate Before It’s Too Late will lead you toward passive income and financial freedom. 

Generate significant income in the short-term and build long-term wealth at the same time.

Meet Flip and Dani Lynn Robison, co-founders of the Freedom Family of Companies, a vertically integrated real estate investment firm. The powerhouse team is the definition of bootstrap business savvy, and they’re here to share their insights, favorite strategies, and personal story with you.


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