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Liquidity Fund: 1-Year Tier


Liquidity Fund: 1-Year Tier: Meet the 1-Year Tier of our Liquidity Fund, your solution to generating consistent earnings over a 12-month period. Think of it as a reliable workhorse in your investment stable…


"Think of it as a reliable horse in your investment stable..." a horse which is ready to be saddled up at relative short notice to be deployed again—many of our investors need a place to earn interest without locking their capital up for long periods of time, between deals or evaluating long-term market conditions and trends. In-between investments cash gets eaten by inflation which is why we developed this short-notice (90 days to quarters end) liquidity fund where your money can earn a strong return while it's waiting in the wings. 


  • Purpose: a short-term, protective, liquid investment shelter during uncertain times which takes advantage of long term tax incentives and above market rate returns.
  • Investment: Starting from 50k
  • Yield: 6%
  • A Safe Harbor: Protection for your capital during uncertain market times
  • Predictable payouts:  Consistent income distributions, offered quarterly, safe from market volatility.
  • Focus on stability: Reliable distributions offering above market rates
  • Lower risk appetite: The Liquidity Funds prioritizes capital preservation, navigating market fluctuations with a steady hand and avoiding tumultuous market fluctuations.
  • Limited horizon: Designed for a one-year investment window, offering flexibility redeployment of capital towards new goals and investment opportunities.

Fund Details

Minimum Investment


Increments of


Interest Earned



Monthly (optional)


Quarterly (optional)


90 days, quarterly exits

Underlying Assets

Real Estate

Projected End Date

None, Continuous Fund

Investor Type

Private, LLC, Retirement Account

Accreditation Requirement

Accredited investors only