Turnkey Business Model

Tell your friends! There is a real estate investing business model, where you can benefit 6 ways from owning property, without smashing your thumb with a hammer. Leave the renovations, consternation, and tenant relations to the pros, buy a property that is:

• Freshly renovated
• Occupied by a quality tenant
• Managed by a professional team

That’s the meaning of a “Turnkey” rental property, for the disambiguation and other academic discussion of the origin of the word, see our knowledge base article.

If you would like to evaluate some recent deals to see how the numbers work for you, check out some of the sample pro-formas below.

It’s All In The Family

You don’t need to collect rent to be paid rent. Freedom Family Investments’ daughter company, Independence Property Management will handle maintenance, tenant relations and rent collection.

Properties are renovated by another Freedom Family Investments’ daughter company, Bulldog Renovations. They will be the ones called in for any maintenance requests. They’re already familiar with the property and they arrive quickly, because it’s all in the family.

Getting Paid Interest

Interest may be nigh impossible to earn in a savings account, but there are no shortage of ways to earn interest with Freedom Family Investments.

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