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Liquidity Fund


Liquidity Fund: A real estate backed fund focused on providing short-term capital to professional real estate operators. Choose your investment term of 90 days, 1 year or 3 years and receive consistent passive returns.


The Liquidity Fund is an open ended, private real estate fund that is focused on providing short- term capital to professional real estate operators. The short term nature of the Liquidity Fund provides significant liquidity to investors which provides protection from rising rates and inflation, but also allows you as the investor to have the flexibility to choose your stated investment period and determine your own liquidity of 90 days, 1 year, or 3 years. While invested, your investment will be generating consistent risk-adjusted returns.

Fund Highlights:

  • Choose your investment horizon – 3 years, 1 year or 90 days. 
  • Depending on your investment horizon, consistent annual returns of 8%, 6%, or 5%.
  • Returns will be generated via multiple potential avenues including current income production and/or capital appreciation.
  • Funds will be deployed utilizing various strategies including direct equity investments, loans, and platform level investments.
  • A thorough underwriting process that makes sure investments are only made to investments that have a high probability of success by investing with proven and successful operators, a sound business plan, ample liquidity and potentially personal guarantees. 
  • Freedom Family Investments is fully aligned with the investors’ interest and investors will receive their distributions before the Fund receives its portion of the fees.

Risk Disclosure

No venture on Earth is without risk. This investment is not exempt from the laws of nature, it is possible that invested capital is lost due to events outside of the control of Freedom Family Investments. Without this understanding, investors cannot qualify to invest alongside FFI and our investors. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.  Investing in private real estate funds comes with inherent risks, which could result in the loss of some or all of your principal investment. Your decision to purchase and invest should be based on your own particular financial circumstances and investment objectives.  Freedom Family Investments, its officers, and representatives can in no way guarantee or warrant your success. Consult your tax advisor or financial advisor before investing. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Please see the fund offering documents for full details and disclosure.

Risk Management

Freedom Family Investments and its owners, Flip and Dani Lynn Robison live by the policy of protecting their investors’ returns by prioritizing the investor returns over private profit margins. In the rare past instances of loss, loss was absorbed by FFI and the investors were always paid as planned. 

Fund Details

Minimum Investment


Increments of


Interest Paid to Investors

5%, 6%, or 8%


Quarterly or Choose to Compound

Term Options

90-Day, 1-Year, or 3-Year

Type of Deal


Investor Type

Private, LLC, Retirement Account

Accreditation Requirement

Accredited Investors Only