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Freedom Family Investments’ funds pay you interest, Ben Katt and Christopher John teach you how it works.

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Compound interest is exponential growth.


And it’s 100% passive.



Each of our funds are designed to fulfill a clear purpose

  • Speed for the maximum liquidity
  • Power leverages the power of real estate
  • Agility lowers taxable income with tax incentives
  • Growth has higher upside through businesses

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Speciality: Funds

Speciality: Funds


Freedom Family Investments is currently raising money for the following syndications:

To see prior deals, there is also a page on this website to give new partners a look at our past performance.

The Distinction

The term syndication refers to a venture where a group of people team up to do something, which would be impossible without combining forces. Freedom Family Investments has experience doing syndications to fund large deals:

Private Money Lending

For smaller scale projects, Freedom Family Investments has the Private Lending program, which allows non-accredited investors to participate and put their money to work with as little as $50k.

Getting Paid Interest

Interest may be nigh impossible to earn in a savings account, but there are no shortage of ways to earn interest with Freedom Family Investments.

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