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Wholesale – 2407 Doris Dr, Springfield, OH. 45505


Add an asset to your portfolio for under $75,000. This single-family home is perfect for the investor looking to gain equity.

$198 to reserve this property.
The purchase price is provided in this listing. The reservation fee is credited to the buyer at closing.

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2407 Doris Dr, Springfield, OH. 45505

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What is the Equity Advantage Series (EAS)?

Get FFI signature series cash flow with a stronger equity position (roughly 20% equity). Approximately 6 months from start to finish (Purchase to Refi) with some involvement on their part. These properties are currently unrenovated and vacant. How are we able to do this? Because we are vertically integrated, we can also offer renovations and property management!


Ohio boasts great price-to-rent ratios, affordable prices, a landlord-friendly climate and a strong economy.

This is a turnkey asset, everything is provided from a single hand: our vertically integrated company covers every step of the process from acquisition to management, in order to provide investors with the best possible experience and optimize return on investment.